Sony MiniDV Camcorder Model No: DCR-HC54

Sony MiniDV Camcorder Model No: DCR-HC54
  • With its 680K Pixel CCD Sensor, Handycam records digital videos with enhanced levels of beauty and detail. The precision-crafted Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens works with the imaging technology for a crisp and clear picture
  • For greater shooting control, the LCD Monitor features Start and Stop buttons on the frame, or control exposure and focus settings using the Touch Panel Display
  • The Stamina Battery System provides extended recording and playback, delivering the power to capture and enjoy outstanding digital video anytime, anywhere
  • Featuring Sony's unique technologies including Super SteadyShot Image Stabilization and Super NightShot plus, one will find new ways to hold on to the moment with the MiniDV Handycam
  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens: Its quality and precision guarantees a crisp, crystal clear image, helping one capture important moments just as one remembers them
  • 2.5 inch (6.4cms) 4:3 Touch Panel LCD: For clear video in any environment, the LCD features recording and zoom buttons on the LCD Frame
  • Manually adjust the exposure and focus by a simple tap of the LCD
  • 40x Optical Zoom: Get closer to your subject without picture degradation with the 40x Optical Zoom
  • For enhanced shooting, use the powerful Digital Zoom to capture distant subjects and far-away shots with exceptional ease and clarity
  • Super SteadyShot: Controls shake and vibration frequencies while zooming in on the subject from a distance, recording with an advanced level of smoothness
  • Super NightShot Plus: The infrared system and colour slow shutter replace dark and green-lit images with vibrant colour while shooting a video in a low-light environment
  • Stamina Battery Power System: It provides up to 10 hours of continuous recording on a complete charge using the optional NP-FH100 Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Start/Stop Button on LCD Frame
  • Display Guide
  • Battery Information
  • Multi-Language Operation
  • Easy Handycam Button
  • Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Lens
  • Zoom Key: Lever/Button on LCD Frame
  • Optical Zoom: 40x
  • Digital Zoom: 2000x
  • Lens Cover: Manual
  • NightShot Plus (SW)
  • Focus System: Full Range Auto/Manual (Touch Panel)
  • Manual Focus: Panel
  • Spot Focus: Touch Panel
  • Auto Focus: Double Mach Autofocus
  • Gross Pixels: Approx. 680K
  • Effective Pixels of Moving Pictures in 4:3: Approx. 340K
  • NightShot (NightShot Plus): Yes
  • White Balance: Auto/Outdoor/Indoor/One-Push (Touch Panel)
  • One-Push Auto Touch Panel
  • Auto Shutter On: Yes
  • Scene Selection (Menu): Auto, Twilight, Sunrise & Sunset, Landscape, Portrait, Sports Lesson, Spotlight, Beach, Snow
  • Auto Non-Flicker: Yes
  • Exposure Control (Touch Panel, 24 Steps)
  • Backlight Compensation Button
  • Spot Meter, Edit Search, Record Review: Touch Panel
  • Fader (Touch Panel): Black, White, Mosaic, Monotone
  • Switchable to Wide (Menu)
  • Date or Time: Auto Indication
  • SteadyShot (Camera-Tape position only, Menu): Electronic, Super SteadyShot On/Off (Menu)
  • Colour Size: 0.75cms (0.3"" Type, 4:3)
  • Dots: 123,200 dots (560 x 220)
  • Backlight Select5 (Normal/Bright)
  • PCM Digital Stereo Recording and Play-back
  • Built-in Stereo Electric Condenser Microphone
  • Speaker: 16 mm
  • Speaker Volume Control: +/- (Touch Panel, 16 Steps)
  • Auto Wind Position
  • Video Tape Recording Format: DV
  • Video Tape Recording: i.Link Only
  • LP Record and LP Playback: Yes
  • On Screen Display On/Off Button: Yes
  • On Screen Display Output: LCD & Video Out
  • A/V Remote Connector (Video/S Video/Audio/LANC)
  • Multi AV (Video Out/S Video Out/Audio Out/LANC): Stereo (Special) Out (Only DC IN)
  • USB Terminal
LCD Screen:
  • Size: 2.5 inch (6.2cms, 4:3)
  • Number of Pixels: 123,200 (560 x 220)
  • Touch Panel
  • LCD On/Off
  • Upside Down/Mirror
  • Opening Angle: 90
  • Screen Rotation angle: 270 Degree Angle
Supplied Accessories:
  • AC Adapter: AC-L200
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack: NP-FH30
  • AV Cable: Multi, NO S-Cable Provided
  • Installed Lithium Clock: Button Type (ML621)
  • CD ROM Application Software
  • USB Cable: Mini B

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