M-Audio Torq 1.5.2 Download

M-Audio has appear the actual availability of Torq 1.5 DJcomputer application for Mac OS Xand Windows. Torq 1.5 brings alike added artistic options to the agenda DJ workstation designedto absorb alive DJ achievement and avant-garde music production. Fresh appearance in Torq 1.5computer application accommodate Bounce Anchors, Bounce Master, zplane élastique time stretching, send/receive MIDI Clock, a fresh toolbar and a array of workflow enhancements. 

Torq 1.5 DJcomputer application takes DJs above simple exhausted analogous and crossfading by alms a host of real-time artistic options ahead bare in the industry, according to M-Audio. The software’s fresh Bounce Anchors acquiesce users to set the appearance filigree absolutely on the beats of the song, alike if the song changes tempo. Bounce Anchors accomplish it accessible for Torq to abolish bounce variations from songs so you can calmly alloy old styles and new. For example, if you accept an old ’70s alarm song that was recorded after a click, Bounce Anchors accredit you to altogether bout that song with the abiding exhausted of today’s computer-driven productions. You can additionally accredit a clue you’re spinning to serve as the Bounce Master for aggregate in Torq, so angled samples and added tempo-based appearance will automatically bout the accustomed bounce changes in the song. These fresh appearance are enhancedby the accession of zplane élastique time-compression/expansion technology, a able fresh algorithm advised for accession abounding music advance after adroit anomalies.


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