WinLock Professional 5.03

WinLock Professional is a able aegis band-aid that lets you bind admission to assorted computer resources. 

It offers all appearance of WinLock, additional several avant-garde commands of absorption to the ability Windows users and computer administrators. The avant-garde appearance of the Professional copy of WinLock are: 

Apply altered restrictions alone to anniversary user account.

Now you can actualize altered aegis schemes for anniversary user annual in a multiple-user environment. For anniversary user, WinLock will actuate alone the called restrictions. Moreover, it is accessible to append all forms of WinLock aegis for the defined user. 

Internet-related restrictions.

WinLock Professional provides you with a accumulation of called Internet Explorer behavior and added agreeable filtration ill-fitted to ascendancy and assure Internet access. 

Website agreeable filtration

The Professionaledition not alone checks the abode of the site, but additionally scans the absolute page, including the hidden meta-tags for any banned words. For example, if you ascertain "sex" as a keyword, any Web armpit contains this chat will be prohibited. This makes accessible to prohibit admission to ambiguous Web sites - conspicuously for public-access computers in schools and libraries. 

Built-in book encryptor.

You are acceptable to accept arcane abstracts on your computer, which you may appetite to encrypt. LockBox Wizard will advice you to assure any information. It uses a actual able Blowfish crypto-algorithm. Protected files cannot be decrypted after the actual password. 

Additionally, WinLock can be controlled and configured accidentally by agency of WinLock Alien Administrator application. WinLock Alien Administrator, the arrangement aegis solutionfor Windows networks. It helps bound configure alien WinLock audience via network, lock alien workstations, and administer aegis profilesby agency of easy-to-use interface


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