Windows Xp Registory Edit -11

351. Test Your SP2 Pop-up Blocker SHERLOCK - The Codec Detective!
352. Connect to the Internet After Installing a Modem Remove ASPNET from Welcome Screen for Auto Logon
353. Bandwidth Monitor - with Notification Area Icon Fix Save As Type from .JPEG to .JPG
354. Date 2 File or Directory or VB Script/Batch Auto End Tasks per User or Per System
355. Change RDP-Tcp Port Number Restore Search to the Context Menu
356. Remove Network Places from Windows Explorer - Undo Problems Opening PDF Files in Internet Explorer
357. Disable the Desktop Top Wizard Set the Default Browser for your User Profile
358. Preview all file types via Display Properties - Without tags Junction Link Magic -  Creating Target Folders
359. Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware Restore Offline Cache Index.dat
360. Current User Search Assistant Key - Written for C and Winnt Fix No Ping Command
361. List of Processes under the Task Manager Shell Extensions Manager
362. Default Service Status - Double Click for Service Info Scancode Mapper
363. Enable Flash for IE - Disable Flash for IE Search Text - .SQL
364. Enable Autorun Disable Menu Bars and the Start Button
365. Remove WMP Start Menu Shortcuts for new Users - Undo Update for DRM-enabled Media Players
366. StatBar - System Status Bar Disable  Installer - Enable Installer
367. OE - Reset Compact Check Count to 0 - Undo Optimize Hard Drive When Idle - Undo
368. Folder Options/View Empty - Restore Now Internet Explorer - New Process - Per User or Per System
369. Prevent MS Tools - KB890830 from reinstalling Prevent KB890859 from being Reinstalled
370. Sun Java On - MS Java On RunAs - Encrypted
371. Restore Sound - Windows Audio Service Taskbar : Control/Select Order
372. Quick Restore Point Adding sites to the Allow list
373. Shutdown Event Tracker - Add to Event Viewer Add Run Programs to Recent Documents
374. Security Center Alert Settings - Enable or Disable Restore the .reg file
375. Event Log Explorer MSEvents.MSEvents  - remove
376. Slow Network - File/Shared/Remote Reset Default Settings of HTML Help Control
377. Dell My Way Search Assistant Uninstaller Cryptographic Service Fix - Torgeir Bakken
378. Restore Accounts under Tools for OE No Update Check in IE - Undo
379. OpenExpert- Open With Submenu Address, Lan, MP, Links:  Remove - Restore
380. Restore Directory and Folder Shell Norton Removal Tool
381. Event Viewer Redirect:   Apply - Undo Recover Product Keys of Win and MS Office
382. HijackThis.Exe  
383. Disable User Tracking - Enable HP's Share-to-Web Software - Fix 
384. Show Updates - Don't Show Killbox.Exe - Awesome Tool
385. Ctfmon.Exe: Remove - Restore Disable Send To from the Context Menu - Undo
386. All Users.Windows - Replace Default Firewall On - Firewall Off
387. Disable Paging Executive Removable Devices- AutoPlay:  Off  or On
388. USB Drive Letter Manager  
389. Shortcut to Run, Min All, UndoMin All Disable Automatic Delivery of of IE 7
390. Restore Msagent Folder VBS Restore
391. Disable Writing to Pen Drives - Enable Disable Error Mode
392. 2007 DST Fix - English Systems Enable/Disable - Network Connection
393. Removes ALL the Spyware Spyware Cleaners that WORK!
394. File Research Center Remove/Restore Network Icon - System Tray
395. Remove or Restore "New" Context Menu Add Control Panel - Start Button (Right Click)
396. Add Recycle Bin to Folder Options Add "Crash Windows" to Folder Options
397. Hotfix Request Web Submission Form Remove Accessibility Options from CP
398. Pin Folder to Start Menu - Shift/Right Click/Pin Using Win98 Plus! on XP
399. Always wait for network Enable - Disable Restore CD/DVD in Explorer
400. USB Port Fix IPOD Fix

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